Row vs Wade

Today in the shop I had the pleasure of visiting with the boys from Simms to check out their new products for 2013. Wow, now here is a company that is taking the fly fishing industry to a whole new level. Simms continues to produce great products year after year-pushing the envelope to bring high performance products to the water. Weather you prefer to fish from a boat or wade along the rivers they have a product that you just have to have. As we perused the wader selection for next year I was first impressed with the thought that goes into these products. Then I heard the prices. Simms will have a new wader out for next year that retails for $800. That’s right 8 bones. Personally, I would buy a $800 boat long before I bought a pair of $800 dollar waders. It looks like the Row vs Wade debate might be solved for us by Simms- I will be the guy in rain pants in the boat.
Fishing remains strong and the crowds are still thin on the ‘Root. Hecubas still strong under the smoke. Plenty of risers for the attractor too. Dropper fish if you like. Watch out on the upper river- the Boys in tan are back with the “Hot Sticks” counting fish.

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Mark Hodek is the Outfitter/Co-Owner of River Otter Fly shop in Florence, Montana.

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