They’re ALL Good

The fact of the matter is now that the waters have cooled off for the fall any river you choose should fish well for you. The Blackfoot has been giving up tons of dinks with a decent fish mixed in on attractor/terrestrial dries and droppers, the Clark Fork has been fishing well despite the heavy pressure it has seen last week, and the Bitterroot is quiet and the fish are sipping spinners and attractors regularly. You have to love this time of year as an angler- we’ve made it through high water of spring fighting fluctuating flows, dealt with mid-summer heatwaves that nearly cook the fish while the alfalfa booms, and now finally things are cooling off. With that cooling come steady hatches, hungry fish, and lessened fishing pressure despite the return of U of MT students. So that is it; go fishing where you like to fish, catch them the way you like, and take a few pictures. Soon enough the 2012 fishing season will be a thing of the past.
Top Flies: Foam Attractors, Hoppers, Ants, Beetles, Tricos, Hecubas, with Mahoganies and BWOs soon to fill in the gaps. A few of the October Caddis are showing themselves as well. Try a big orange elk hair caddis or a beefy Goddard caddis. Try your favorite mayfly dropper off the back of the big bug, or chuck a streamer if you get some of the coveted cloud cover.


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Mark Hodek is the Outfitter/Co-Owner of River Otter Fly shop in Florence, Montana.

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