Quiet Water

Not much traffic on the Bitterroot these days and we are loving it. Very few shuttles, and willing trout make September a great time of year. Both the air and water temperatures are dropping and a few of the cottonwoods are showing their first signs of fall. The bugs have been picking up after the August inferno, with tricos and hecubas still leading the charge. Purple attractors cast over sippers is still my go to method. Fish a hopper if you are a twitchy sort, large single cripple if you are the delicate type, or feed them foam junk if you just don’t care- as long as they eat it. The smoke is thinning out and so are the clouds for the time being, but they will be back. It is skinny in the mid-river, but the alfalfa and golf courses look great. I may need to take up golf or ranching to be around water…
Skipping the Flows out of Disgust-
Top bugs: Clook’s Mega Gimp, #18 Beadhead Trico, #12 Purple Chubby, #10 Pink Morrish, #12 BH Hares Ear.


About Freestone

Mark Hodek is the Outfitter/Co-Owner of River Otter Fly shop in Florence, Montana.

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