The Ron and John Show

This show could be coming to an outdoor network near you…If you would like to see the trailer for it stop by the shop any given morning and experience the show firsthand. Yesterday we knocked the dust off the old fellas and sent them to the water to see if they could indeed still fish as well as they talk about fishing. With “Cotton Pickin” John at the oars and Ron “Beautiful” Saumell on the stick the fish didn’t stand a chance. Here is just one of the nice fish they picked up yesterday on the mid river. The fish ate a golden stone and taped out at 22″.
The entire river is still fishing well and the cloud cover we have today could make the fishing incredible. Don’t overlook the lower Clark Fork on days like this. Top Flies: Twisted Body Stone, Purple Haze, Sparkle Rusty, The Dreamer, and the Split Case PMD Dropper.
Flows: Darby-678cfs, Bell-1260cfs, Missoula-1930cfs


About Freestone

Mark Hodek is the Outfitter/Co-Owner of River Otter Fly shop in Florence, Montana.

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